Saturday, December 9, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

It's Sexy Time! Naughty NSFW Watches from the Past!

As I was looking for the 70s novelty “It’s Time to Fuck” watch on ebay (from that bygone era when you could be risqué and humorously offensive without jail time), I came across these naughty automation timekeepers from the 1800s.
As they’re over $200ea, I’ll just stick to looking at my phone (or in a pinch, the sun, and winging it), but they’re very amusing in a Tijuana Bible 8-Pager kinda way.
And, along with the full color making whoopee scene, when fully wound, that pesky penis moves up and down with each tick tock the watch makes. So it’s seems Wee Willy is good for more than just getting it’s owner in trouble.
It might make you late for a very important date, but take a second and enjoy this glimpse from a forgotten non-PC world.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Wild Weird World of Vintage Surreal Swinger Ads!

"Do you Like Pina Coladas?", “People, People Who Need People” or just some good ‘ol porn electric guitar with a wah-wah pedal? Not sure what’s the best background music for you to put on the turntable for this. Covering yourself in massage oil while dripping candle wax on your 'hey there’ might add to the reading enjoyment too!

The story- I bought a knee high stack of Swinger Ad magazines from the 70s (because that’s what I do) and enjoyed the next few months leisurely leafing through them marveling at the personals. It’s endlessly amusing to look at the selected photo of a clean cut average Joe and then below read the description of what he wants to do with a likeminded gal who has a chimp, a tub of jello, nipple clamps and lederhosen. Or, a photo of someone else’s ad where it’s damn well obvious they’re in the mood for that.

The guy I was getting them from told me he purchased them from the son whose (now passed on) parents were ‘Sex Researchers” (I have that on my business card too!). There were boxes of old naughty newspapers, paperbacks and lots and lots of Swinger magazines (Kindred Spirits, American Swingers, Select, Illinois Connection, Response Magazine,etc) of which I filled up my trunk with. Now I had the fun (and sometimes bug my eyes out OMGing) while reading what alot of these 1970s free spirits what to do with their private parts. This job was made easier because the ‘Sexologists’ had taken a red pen to highlight everything that was especially wacky. And even in the no judgement zone, some of this shit was pretty wild, as in, go to jail wild. But hey, it was the 70s! There were even ads they placed for their ‘research’ inviting folks over to look at their awesome porn collection and have sex with them. I guess they just love their work!

Now when I find something so enjoyably "oh my", I just have to share! So for those so interested, here’s a whole bunch of NSFW featuring someone’s parents, grandparents, neighbors, church members, PTA group and that one guy who kept to himself and never bothered anyone before. You might even find photos Mawmaw and Pawpaw that were never in the family album!
FYI- there's one 'fake' ad in the bunch featuring yours truly- can you spot it? :-)

Keep checking back, because I’ll be adding more!